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Agent Phil Coulson

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Name:Director Phil Coulson
Birthdate:Jan 1

Director Phil CoulsonNotes/Disclaimers/Verses
Agent Phil Coulson worked directly under Nick Fury. He is a bit of an 'over glorified' babysitter for the group of super heroes being brought together for the Avengers Initiative at the beginning. He's all business and sometimes comes off cold or overly stoic. But he is tough, good at his job, and does the work no one else is willing to do. This is for more reasons than just being good at his job. He does it so no one else has to. Underneath the cool exterior and never fazed demeanor, Coulson genuinely cares for people and the super heroes he supports. So much so, he didn't mind dying if it meant keeping them together.After The Avengers:
Phil died going against Loki, but not long after, Fury brought him back no matter the cost using alien DNA and technology. For a long time, Phil could not remember how he survived, but when he did it was devastating. Before he could even figure it all out, Hydra emerged from within the ranks of SHIELD and everything, life as he knew it, collapsed. Now he is Director of a covert SHIELD with a team that may or may not trust him. But he's working on it... one day at a time. If there is one thing about Coulson, it's that he's unnervingly persistent.

Disclaimer: I do not own the character or anything pertaining to the Marvel Universe. This is a journal for roleplaying purposes.
Notes: The character and the mun are both over 18 years old.
Verses: TBA...
AIM: sunlightrhapsody

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